Thursday March 27th, 2008
No Mo Moto
Motorola announces split, Plantation layoffs
Motorola plans spinoff, cuts South Florida jobs

As part of a workforce reduction, my group is being dramatically cut, and my last day at Motorola will be May 30, 2008. Due to the magnitude of the layoff, it falls under the WARN act, which requires a 60-day notification period between the termination announcement and the last day of work. Since the announcement was made before April 1, i.e. before Motorola's new severance policy takes effect, we will receive the severance based on the old severance policy (a good thing), which equates to a 4-month severance. As part of the package, medical insurance is retained until the end of the severance period, which is the end of September. Dental coverage terminates at the end of the WARN period, i.e. May.

Besides settling insurance, 401k, stock options, motshare, pension, etc., the big question is what to do next. I'm definitely leaning towards spending some time in Costa Rica, but it would be great to have a job lined up when I get back. Motorola is setting up job fairs and providing excellent opportunities to make contact with companies looking to hire engineers with our skill set, so it would be a shame not to take up this opportunity. Thus, I'm hoping to find a company that's not looking for immediate employment but is willing to hire me in the September or October time-frame. It's been an eventful month, and I'll keep you posted on things as they progress.
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Thursday March 27th, 2008

Damian says:

Dang.. that sounds sweet.. Maybe I should have stuck around!

Sunday March 30th, 2008

Rohit says:

I hope something good turns out for you from all this mess!