Thursday March 06th, 2008
Barrio Jesus Costa Rica
Someday, I don't know when - perhaps between jobs, I'd like to stay several months in Costa Rica or other country that doesn't speak English. So I have a plan when this "someday" does occur, I'm investigating staying in Barrio Jesus, Costa Rica. It's a tiny town northwest of Heredia between Barva and Santa Barbara. Debbie Cherry lived in Costa Rica for five years so she's been great in helping me get information and contacts in Costa Rica. There is a school/hostelry called La Casa que Canta (The House that Sings) that I'm considering. Here's the site for Casa que Canta.

Of other interest, I've stumbled upon two websites that I really like (not quite as much as Wikipedia, but pretty good): Life Hacker and HowStuffWorks.
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Tuesday March 18th, 2008

Sook says:

Great new pics, Wade!