Sunday March 02nd, 2008
Sarah Silverman
Updates: First off, congratulations to Holly and Jeremy for their new baby boy Rowan. It's their first child. Another birth: my younger sister is due to deliver in April. I saw her and Carrie, last weekend for Natalie and Chris' scuba certification. They may be coming down to Fort Lauderdale for spring break to go scuba diving next month. Dave and Lori are talking about doing another Blackbeards liveaboard. We're afraid this may be our last year that everyone will be in South Florida as many people are getting laid off at Motorola. Ilya has already been canned and Dave is worried about the 3G group not lasting. Furthermore, CEO Greg Brown has vowed to fix Mobile Devices, even if that means a spinoff or selloff. Nobody really knows what's going to happen. The Perth Australia group was axed last week.

In addition to new babies, Byron and Shea are now engaged along with Charbel/Katya and Nitin/Carolina. Congrats to all!

If you haven't been up-to-date on youtube and popular culture, here's some good ones (fyi, for those not in the know, Jimmy Kimmel's girlfriend is Sarah Silverman):
Jimmy and Matt Part 1
Jimmy and Matt Part 2 (warning: bad language)
Flight of the Conchords

Everyday Goings-on: Went to The Standard Hotel in SoBe. Talked about Bunny and Shad Roe, had free Grolsch, and I believe some bums from Miami snuck in the hotel/museum party as well. Pulled a muscle during the A1A marathon and was very upset with myself. Sook and Mike finished with good times. Our soccer team lost in the first round of the tournament against a team we demolished during the regular season. Just wasn't our day. Now that soccer season is over, time to start training for an olympic tri. =)

New Pics: Check out Flamingo Gardens, Costa Rica, Kingshead, Philadelphia, Global Day of Service, and the Tradewinds Triathlon.

That's all for now...
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Tuesday March 25th, 2008

nicki says:

i didn't add my last name because in the sight it seems to focus on wade's last name, and thought is it a grand last name, i am not married, and am still keeping last name. I have been reading your website...and I hope to hear from you soon. I have checked out Ali's website since I know you she is a friend of you and Leslie (and Amy's thought sadly she and I are no longer close). I saw the blog and, though I appreciate information about cancer, as someone who doesn't know them personally...the blog was a bit too personal for me.....but I wish them the best and a speedy recovery! Love, Nicki