Thursday November 01st, 2007
My Life Abridged
Geez. I haven't written in ages. Since the Bahamas, I've been to Texas, Costa Rica, Kansas City, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston, ran my first triathlon, finished Angels & Demons, Secret Life of Bees, and the Kite Runner (which is very odd since I rarely read novels), did the Herald Hunt, did more diving, got promoted, and volunteered at KID. Unfortunately my phone was out of service so I didn't receive any calls on my birthday, but had a great time anyway. Everyone was very generous - special thanks to Kelly for the cake, Marcela and Co. for more cake, and Nitin and Carolina for taking me out.

At work, we're heavily involved in the WiMAX phones Silverstone, Bristol, and Sebring. I'm mostly working with the India team on WLAN - a separate team is doing WiMAX. Right now, Motorola seems top heavy and isn't doing anything innovative like Apple's iPhone. It'll be interesting to see what happens. At least there is a strong emphasis on returning to profitability instead of market share. Thankfully.

Check out Movees for great clips of my Grandma's life and Dad's bypass surgery. I'm out of the stock market, too crazy right now. Much of the merchandise from IndieGiant has been liquidated and we're now looking for our next project. According to Chris Noel, "everyone's making money except Byron and Wade". At least he keeps us motivated. So, we're going to IAAPA again this year (in a couple of weeks) in search of more ideas.

Thus concludes my brief summary since I last wrote three months ago. Details of the events, along with pics (of course), coming soon.
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