Friday December 23rd, 2005
My only sound reason for buying a stock is that it is rising in price - Nicolas Darvas
New pics added! Paris and London pics were added from my work trip 3 months ago. I went to Paris/London to test GPRS on the i930 Gemini GSM phones and to drive-test Gemini comparing it with the i2000 World Phone. Also, new pics of Lauren Elizabeth were added. These pictures are from early November. According to Candee's doctor, she's "growing like a weed". Not exactly the term I would use.

Before Thanksgiving, Byron, Sam, and I flew up to Atlanta for the International Attractions and Amusement Parks Association (IAAPA) expo. We met with exhibitors, played all the games, and got ideas for making money. See the pics here. More recently, Nicki had a Christmas party at her house and the pics are here. Thanks again, Nicki, for hosting the party!

My current stock portfolio containing MOT, HLEX, REDF, LYTS, SIGM, and IMMR is hanging in there. I'm trying to follow the Nicolas Darvas system for stock market success described in his book How I Made 2,000,000 in the Stock Market. Another recent book that I really liked was What's So Great About America. Recently, however, I haven't read anything. Any good books out there?

Congratulations to Vijay and Regina for giving birth to Sara Gadad on December 7th. Good luck you two! On a sadder note, Arnie and Ali are deciding to leave Florida for Arizona. We'll miss you guys. Good luck to you as well!
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Monday December 26th, 2005

Byron says:

Making any money on those stocks yet? Give me some good tips!

Saturday December 31st, 2005

Wade says:

Ha, Phillip can comment on my stock-giving advice. Just take a look at SFCC!

Saturday December 31st, 2005

Andy says:

Happy New Year, Wade! Question: what brokerage service do you use--how do you trade? Thanks! -Andy

Saturday December 31st, 2005

Wade says:

AmeriTrade. But Scottrade is good too. Stop by my cube sometime...

Tuesday January 03rd, 2006

Nicki says:

Great picture captions wade to the party pics from Xmas. Good luck at the marathon!