Friday January 26th, 2007
Beauty and the Geek
Reality tv is great! American Idol is usually entertaining, but you gotta watch Beauty and the Geek. Sanjay & Tori, Piao & Sheree, Matt & Andrea have been eliminated. Drew & Erin were eliminated yesterday. Niels & Jennylee, Mario & Nadia, Nate & Cecille, Scooter & Megan are the only couples remaining. Check out some video clips here. Also, you can check out their myspace pages. From one, you can generally find the rest so you can start at Nate's. With Sanjay, who impresses women with his impersonations of household appliances and his 19-pocket vest, Mario, with his $25,000 comic book collection, Nate, who plays in a Star Wars band, and Niels, who claims he is in the top 0.001% of the smartest people on earth, it's just pure entertainment. Just what I'm looking for!
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