Friday December 22nd, 2006
Animal House
With 15 people, 3 dogs, 3 cats, and a bird, it's a veritable zoo at the Rigoulot's. Robert, Carrie, Natalie, Chris, Candee, Herschel, Lauren, Suzy, Dave, Holly, David, Mickey, Dad, Debbie, and myself - along with Storm, RC, Gherkin, Gig'Em, Bronson, KoKo (aka Evil Kitty), and KitKat. Robert and Carrie have a game room with foosball, pingpong table, and dart board. Mickey brought his PS3 so we've got Tiger Wood's golf on the 52" flat screen, not to mention the magic bars, neiman marcus cookies, blondies, no-bake cookies, drop cookies, hersey kiss cookies, pistachio bread, and s'mores to keep us going. I went to Leander TX to visit my Dad and Debbie and to check out their new place. We finished up my Christmas shopping, went to Lifetime Fitness and played racquetball, ate some sardines and salad for dinner, wrapped all my presents - including the IndieGiant gifts for the white elephant-style Christmas Eve. Chris has pimped out my myspace page, we watched the basketball fights on youtube (Carmelo Anthony docked for 15 games), and indiegiant had record orders (koosh balls sold out). Peeshaw.
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Saturday December 23rd, 2006

Sookini says:

The marathon pics were so awesome I want to do one now! I'm so proud of you. . .it's quite an accomplishment to top off all the runs you've already done!! Oh, and go gators. . .86-60

Thursday December 28th, 2006

Suzy says:

But you're having tons of fun in the zoo...right?? :-) P.S. KoKo is affended at the whole 'Evil Kitty' reference..I've ordered her to torment you tonight in your sleep. Meow..........

Thursday January 04th, 2007

Robert says:

Storm was there, but he's on the shelf