Sunday December 03rd, 2006
We're Going to the National Championship!
The Trojans lost, the Gators beat the Razorbacks, and the BCS thought the Wolverines' schedule was too weak, so we're going to Glendale and the BCS national championship game! Wooohooo!! January 8th is the date. Do I think we'll win? No. Do I hope we win? Of course! It's going to be fun! =)

So, it's been a while since I have written. We had a volunteer day at Motorola, went to Chicago for the marathon, traveled to China for 2 weekends, went to Atlanta for IAAPA and saw Candee, Herschel, and Lauren along with Chris and Cheryl Noell, went to a Miami Dolphis game, had a crazy Thanksgiving, went ice skating, had our iDEN Christmas party at Taverna Opa, and now things are settling down...sort of. The Motorola Gala is on Thursday, I'm off to Texas (and maybe Tucson) in two weeks and then off to China again in January. Pics of all the above will be uploaded...some day. =)

Candee has uploaded more great pics like this one.
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