Saturday November 26th, 2005
Since I used a pumpkin a couple weeks ago, I had to pick another vegetable for Thanksgiving, so here's an eggplant. The whole family showed up and we're all staying at Grandma's place in Cherry Hollow. Grandma is almost 88 years old but you'd think she was 60 years old the way she moves around. She still cooks, cleans, and everything else. She makes the best biscuits with sausage gravy and celery jello. Herschel was a little taken aback by putting vegetables in jello. We had fresh eggs from the chickens in the backyard and for entertainment the whole family gathered around the roost to watch Robert and Uncle Fred hypnotize a chicken. On Thanksgiving Day the Cherry clan (99 people this year) met at Harrah's 1st Baptist Church. Grandma's progeny now totals 166!

Herschel, my Dad and I went up to Hickory Park in Wellston to trim Cedars and survey my Dad's 20 acres. Right now we're at my Uncle John's house watching the OU vs. OSU football game, the ladies are sitting around the kitchen table chit-chatting, and Lauren is all smiles just enjoying her first trip outside Georgia. That's all for now from Oklahoma.
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Sunday November 27th, 2005

Phillip says:

That's a lot of cherries.

Tuesday November 29th, 2005

Byron says:

Sounds like a good Thanksgiving with the Cherry clan in OK. How's that 20 acres looking? And what about that hypnotized chicken? I guess I'll see you at the house later tonight. Don't be makin no celery jello unless yous extra hungry...

Wednesday December 14th, 2005

Wade says:

Oh, I forgot to mention that Billy Etbauer was with us at Thanksgiving - he's married to my cousin Holly. We then saw him a week later on the David Letterman show since he is a 5-time world champion saddle bronc rider! Thanks for the comments Phillip and Byron. See you tonight at the Roundup for our VRIS XMas party. Bring your cowboy hat. Yee Haw!

Thursday November 24th, 2011

James says:

haha, we used to do that too :)