Tuesday November 22nd, 2005
At work we had a 3-day Design Review for the new dual-modem iDEN/CDMA clam shell phone. It combines the best of Sprint CDMA interconnect with Nextel iDEN dispatch. Code-named Racer, a snake-theme is underway with Copperhead and Cobra next in line. I'm responsible for Audio and am working with four engineers from MIEL (Motorola India): Mahantesh, Ganesh, Nagesh, and Satish. From Plantation, I'm mostly working with Jeff Shudark and Anil Patel.

This past weekend Byron, Sam, and I went to Atlanta for the IAAPA Expo (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions). We met Bob of Bob's Space Racers, Chris Noell of Noel Industries, and some dude from Canada who told us to buy a snow-cone maker. Chris invented the game Whistle Stop and makes a fortune selling the merchandise inside along with royalties from Bay-Tek who manufactures the game. We had a lot of fun playing Capsule Craze, Single Dip, and some Sega deer hunting game. Sam found a PimpCo Hummus maker in which he and Charbel are going to make a fortune selling Hummus. Don't worry...just joking. We were able to get Candee, Herschel, and Lauren in for free. Lauren is one of the best kids I've met --- content and happy! I went up to Atlanta for Lauren's birth but mis-timed the arrival, so this past weekend was the first time I got to see Lauren. Anyway, it was a quick trip up to Atlanta and I'm off to OKC on Wednesday for Thanksgiving with the Cherry clan.
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Sunday November 27th, 2005

Nitin says:

Dude, you might want to delete the stuff about Motorola, you could get in trouble.

Wednesday November 30th, 2005

Wade says:

eh...i think it'll be ok.