Sunday October 01st, 2006
3 Men and a Hotel Bill
Three men are traveling together and as it gets late, decide to stop for the night at the next hotel they come to. Well, a motel soon looms in sight, but it's VERY seedy looking. Being very tired, they decide "What the heck, at least it should be cheap."

Sure enough, when they go to the front desk, they find out it's only $30 for the night. They pay in advance, each chipping in $10, and go up to their room.

A little later, the manager checks in, and notices the bill for the men. Calling the bell boy over, he says, "I forgot, we're running a special, and those men should only have been charged $25. Here's their $5 back, take it up to them."

The bell boy is not thrilled with this, since he figures he won't get a tip for this, but on the way, he has a brain storm. He figures that since they paid in advance, they won't know if he "tips himself". So he puts $2 in his pocket, and proceeds to take the other $3 to the men. He explains what happened, and hands each of the men $1.

Now for the problem:
Since each of the men originally paid $10, and now have gotten $1 back they have each paid $9. 3 times 9 is 27, plus the $2 the bell boy kept equals only $29. What happened to the other $1???
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Monday October 02nd, 2006

Damian says:

The $2 that the bellboy kept should be subtracted from the 27 (not added).. to leave 25, which is what is still at the desk.