Sunday August 06th, 2006
Hello Moto
Are You Alive? That's what some of my friends are asking, so yes, I'm alive. My boss was on vacation for 3 weeks and I was filling in, yet all my other work still had to be done. So, basically I've been working too much this past month. Motorola recently unveiled the motofone intended to compete and gain market share against Nokia in the emerging markets (India and China). It's the first product of the SCPL product line, which is even thinner than the RAZR. The KRZR and RIZR were also announced to add to the Motorola lineup - PEBL, ROKR, SLVR, and Q. Sprint, who for a long time refused to carry Motorola phones, said their earnings are hurting because they aren't carrying the RAZR. They are now rapidly incorporating Motorola phones into their portfolio. Overall, Motorola is doing really well; Ed Z is doing good.

Byron, your outdoorsman cake rocks! I'm still waiting to see pics of the camo couch.
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Thursday August 10th, 2006

Byron says:

ha - yeah that was a sweet cake.