Sunday July 02nd, 2006
Seems like everyone's either got a homepage: Byron, Andy,
Kevin, Nicki, Phillip, Moises, Candee, Dad, Allison, Kevin, Shea, Vijay or a MySpace account: Sook, Chris C, Natalie, Sidd, Rishi, Chris L, Sharif, Colleen. I guess everyone else has a life. ha. I still think MySpace is a crappy website (I'm not the only one) that somehow became popular. Seems like the only reason people use it is because everyone else uses it. Nonetheless, it proves it doesn't require a technology breakthrough or revolutionary idea to be successful. At least that's what I keep telling myself regarding IndieGiant. ha.

If you haven't seen the latest pics, check them out! Run for the Roses, Bahamas and Jamaica, and some more travels in the Everglades. The trip to Bahamas/Jamaica was my first cruise and it was great! My only complaint would be that the time spent in port is too short. I definitely want to go back to Jamaica, even if the crime rate is high. Probably head for Port Antonio.

I recently started using Opera and after fifteen minutes decided I'd never use IE again. Firefox is also very popular, but I'm kinda liking the Opera style. The WorldCup was disappointing as all my favorite teams are now out of the tournament as England and Brazil both lost yesterday. I'm very disappointed in Wayne Rooney for getting a red card. England played better the whole game and if they kept 11 players on the field they would have won. They sould have played Crouch instead.
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Wednesday July 05th, 2006

Sook says:

Half a billion dollars?!? That's unreal! IndieGiant looks way better anyhow. :)

Monday July 10th, 2006

Byron says:

Opera is the bestest!

Friday July 21st, 2006

Arnie says:

What's up with the dude running in his speedos?

Friday July 21st, 2006

Wade says:

Yeah, that guy is disturbing. You should see him in full stride!

Saturday July 22nd, 2006

Arnie says:


Monday July 24th, 2006

Sook says:

And just before the race, he felt the need to pour a bottle of water all over himself. . .THAT was disturbing! Me and the other spectators tried to look away. . .