Thursday June 08th, 2006
Optometry Graduation
Congratulations Doctor Sook on receiving your doctorate degree in Optometry! And to all the other optometrists: Jilma, Don, Jenny, and Julia! You're now stuck with eye jokes for the rest of your life. Getting dressed up to go to an Eye Ball...that's always a good one. All of Sook's family came down to celebrate. At the awards dinner Jilma was awarded valedictorian and I stole a bouquet of 24 roses. It was fun! Penny was happy to clean 'em up and put them in vases all around Sook's apartment. Then we had the big chinese dinner where we dined on jellyfish, clams, pork, chicken, fish, and lots of vegetables I've never heard of before. YKC and TKC also came down but Hannah and Sarah couldn't make it. Sook's Dad, brother, and family friends all came down for graduation as well.

Also, right before graduation was Sook's 27th birthday. As part of the celebration we went down to south beach and the hotel we stayed at happened to be...let's just say...very south beach. At first we didn't notice (and most others didn't notice as well), but the...well, just have a look at the hotel and see if you notice. Nonetheless, it turned out to be a great hotel with lots of character. The people along South Beach are always interesting as we strolled along Lincoln Rd and ate at Sook's favorite place, News Cafe. And I had forgotten how beautiful the beach was!

Brief run-down: After several hectic weeks, including a last-minute TTY issue, Racer Alpha was accepted and shipped to Sprint/Nextel. Corporate Run pics from April were posted here. I signed up for the Chicago marathon. Yes, the full 26.2 miles. Thryambak is getting married in October. I found FSC (Fox Soccer Channel) on the satellite which broadcasts 24 hours of soccer! IndieGiant keeps making record profits every month. Bernanke and the Fed are wreaking havoc on my portfolio as I'm now stopped out of most of my stocks and waiting for a turn-around to jump back in.
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Friday June 09th, 2006

Phillip says:

Congratulations Sook!

Friday June 09th, 2006

Leslie says:

Ditto to Phillip's comment--Congrats Sook!

Tuesday June 13th, 2006

Suzy says:

Very interesting hotel to say the least Wade! I bet that was fun. Take care and hope to see you at Christmas!

Thursday June 15th, 2006

Arnie says:

Congrats Sook, Jill, and Don, welcome to the world of the professional...soon you'll be wishing you were back in school :).

Wade by the way something is wrong with your cell phone, when I try to call you I get diverted to a 703 number???!!!!

Thursday June 15th, 2006

Sook says:

Thanks guys! I miss school already. . .well, sort of. . .

Saturday June 17th, 2006

Wade says:

Thanks for posting everyone! Suzy, I didn't even know you knew about my site. Yes, I'll be there for Christmas! Arnie, my number is fine. My Nextel number is forwarded to a Sprint number (703 area code) since we're making Sprint phones now. The 703 number will be changing regularly, but my 954 number will always be forwarded to the correct Sprint account.

Sunday July 30th, 2006

Amy says:

Congratulations, Sook!!! I've never met Jilma, Don, Jenny or Julia, but congratulations to you, too! :-) Sorry it's taken me so long to catch up on all the latest news, guys.... I'm a slacker.