Tuesday May 30th, 2006
The Group of Death
USA enters the 2006 World Cup in Group E, the group of death. Two out of the four teams in each group advance to the next round. We should have no trouble against Ghana, but second-ranked Czech Republic and Italy are going to be difficult. In addition, this group is bad because the second place team that advances will most likely play Brazil in the next round. All the experts are predicting Italy and Czech Republic to advance, so let's hope for an upset. It all starts June 9th! My next favorite team, England, is pitted against a tough Sweden squad, but should easily advance with Trinidad & Tobago and Paraguay as the other two teams in their group. Predictions:
Group A - Germany & Poland
Group B - England & Sweden
Group C - Argentinia & Netherlands
Group D - Mexico & Portugal
Group E - Czech Republic & USA
Group F - Brazil & Japan
Group G - France & Korea
Group H - Spain & Ukraine
Marco Van Basten coaches the Netherlands national team and Jurgen Klinsmann coaches the German national team, both players I grew up watching in the Italian Soccer League. I'll be rooting for the Oranjes!
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Sunday June 04th, 2006

Damian says:

Can't believe you're betting against Trinidad :) I do think that England will be next to impossible, but stranger things have happened (Like beating 4th ranked Mexico). We're doing pretty good on the per capita ranking here :)
Either way, it will be sure to be an exiting tournament as always. My favored team is England.

Sunday June 04th, 2006

DD says:


Sunday June 04th, 2006

Wade says:

Yeah, it is quite possible Croatia will end up in second place in Group F instead of Japan. It's going to be a good battle for second. Good luck Damir! And good luck to T&T Damian. It's funny that T&T versus England kickoff is the same time as your wedding.

Sunday June 04th, 2006

DD says:

Ouch! Damian, you better get one of those hand held tv's and hide it in your tux so you can take a peak at the game. Just don't jump up and shout when T&T scores! :-)

Tuesday June 06th, 2006

DD says:

There's no point in playing the WC, just give the trophey to the Czechs.


Tuesday June 13th, 2006

Nicki says:

WOOHOO, finally some sports I can watch!!!!

Thursday June 15th, 2006

Arnie says:

GO AFRICA!!! I'm rooting for all the under dog African teams :)