Wednesday April 26th, 2006
Everyone's Getting Married
Arnie and Ali left to Arizona on Saturday. Before leaving, we ate at Donna's Kitchen, a favorite lunch spot, and just hung out at Rock Creek. They got married last month and went to New Zealand for their honeymoon. Check out their wedding pics from Hawaii! B and Spence also got married a little closer to home in Deerfield Beach. When two Motorolans get married, all the guests are ... well ... Motorolans. Nonetheless, check out the pics! A little late, but pics from Byron's birthday were also posted!

Last weekend several of us, including newcomers Mike and Meredith, went up to WPB for some Six on the Road. Mike and Meredith are getting married next month in Missouri. Man, it seems like everyone is getting married! Mike is about the most laid back guy you'll ever meet. Ron Roodhouse, one of my friends from Weaver also joined us for some Irish music. Ron is heading to Australia and Japan and leaving his Mercedes at the house while he's gone for a month. What's even worse, I'm supposed to drive it around on occassion while he's gone. What a bummer...

Check out these websites new to the web: Wikipedia GoText, Arant Family Photo, and Glitter and Ice.
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Wednesday May 03rd, 2006

Arnie says:

Hey Wade...we finally are getting settled in and I just got the internet connection up and running at the new house. We really like Tucson so far and it still hasn't got too hot here, the climate and vegetation is a lot like Botswana. Anyway we miss you and hope you come and visit us in AZ soon...

Thursday May 11th, 2006

Wade says:

Yeah, everyone I know tells me Tucson vegetation is a lot like Botswana. Glad to know the rumors are true. And glad your trip went safely! I'll let you know when I buy some plane tickets for AZ! :-)