Sunday February 26th, 2006
Byron, Sam, Hoi Yen, and I went to LuLu's Baitshack where we racked up a $100 bill on raw oysters. Byron, not the biggest fan of ethnic fare, was curious enough to slurp one down. Then, at Sushi Cafe, we sampled some Tuna Tataki (seared in ponzu sauce), Toro (fatty tuna), and Uni (raw sea urchin gonads). Tonight it's off to Joe's Stone Crab, one of the most famous restaurants in Miami.

Byron is in Texas right now and will be returning with his significant other on Tuesday. I can't believe I don't have a single picture of Shea on my website. Oh, well, I'm sure it won't remain that way for long as we three have a trip planned in March to go visit the IndieGiant warehouse and see Kevin Max in concert.

The Shark Valley pictures have been posted so check 'em out!

In other news: Ran the A1A marathon in just under 1:58 and got my pic in the Miami Herald, sweet! After the run, walked off the stiff legs at the Miami arts festival with Robin and met Lu Lu, her new puppy. And finally, I'm rooting for Taylor Hicks on American Idol.
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