Saturday February 18th, 2006
A River of Grass
After much hard work, the first dispatch call on Racer was a success and ahead of schedule to boot! Yay! Sam is contemplating moving to Malaysia for a year to manage the Penang digital team. He will probably be making a decision in the next few weeks. So, I might be moving into the master bedroom soon and Byron won't be bothered when I wake up early. ;-)

Two weeks ago was the Maroone 5k of which Marcela talked me into running (as usual). Despite the bad weather, it was a lot of fun and I placed first in my age division (25-29)! Greg Raven also placed first in his age division, and Andy, Mariah, Jocelyne, and Maha also did very well. Many of the Motorolans are also running the A1A marathon which is tomorrow morning! I'll be heading to bed in an hour or so...waking up at 4:45am.

The rain cleared and the next day was beautiful, so Sook and I headed to Shark Valley. The place was packed with wildlife: Great egrets, snowy egrets, wood storks, great blue herons, tricolor herons, green herons, little blue herons, ibis, glossy ibis, and purple gallinules. According to the park ranger, 93% of the bird population of the everglades is gone! Sook and I also went to Gainesville and camped at Payne's Prairie. Despite the rain and temperatures dropping into the mid-30's, we still biked the La Chua trail, toured the campus, and drank boba tea with her cousin William. My old apartment complex, Gatorwood, is condemned, perhaps because of hurricane damage. Unfortunately, we wre not able to go onto the prairie since it is still flooded from the 2004 hurricanes.

By the way, happy birthday Byron!
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