Sunday August 08th, 2010
Shut the Front Door
My parents are coming at the end of the month so I'm getting the guest bedroom set up. I just bought a queen Martha Stewart Gardenia Cushion Firm mattress for the guest bedroom, which is probably better than my mattress on my bed. Maybe I'll start sleeping in the guest bedroom. Yesterday I ran 10.5 miles with the Club Oly group and later went to a sushi party with my friends Carlos, Bruce, Race, Alex, Stephanie, Cody, and Erica. Friday night I met Sara, Michelle, and Race at Hearthfire and enjoyed a porter out on the deck watching the sun set over Budd Inlet. Thursday I did Body Pump at the Valley, Wednesday ran 5 miles around Capitol Lake followed by watching an episode of Breaking Bad. I had a good week at work, testing the new DS-5 Debugger on the gator daemon and adding an Annotation feature to Streamline, which is the new name for the analysis tool. I did some reading about the Tesla Model S and am thinking that's my next car. That just about sums up an average week here in Olympia.

Last weekend I went to Jakes in downtown Olympia and to Mt. Rainier where we probably saw a googol avalanche lilies along with a hoary marmot. Recently, I went to the Gorge near George to see Kings of Leon. Yes, there's a city in Washington named George. For July 4th I saw the Spazmatics and Afrodisiacs at Red Wind with Jeremy, and now can't wait to see Mr. Pink whenever they play closer to Olympia. Also, I went to the beach with Stephanie, Travis, and Kirby. The beaches here, IMO, suck. Everyone seems to like them well enough so I'm probably just spoiled from South Beach and Ft. Lauderdale Beach, but I just can't seem to give high praise to a beach when it's misty, without sun, and 60 degrees. It's consistently about 15 degrees colder at the beach than in Olympia. Nonetheless, I enjoyed going to the beach and was glad I brought my jacket.

At the house, I have finally bought most everything one could want. I actually bought a bed so I'm sleeping off the ground, upgraded my 27" tv for a 55" samsung, bought a nice sectional and relegated the futon to an upstairs bedroom, and have decked out the bonus room with a dart board and ping-pong table. I'm living like a king now. Deer stroll through my yard every day. I've named the male deer Rogers (since he's the buck), the female deer is Wilma, and I have yet to name the two fawns. Cheese and Rice! I'm so domesticated. As Sam used to always say, "big deal".

I've been on a documentary kick lately and have seen Taxi to the Dark Side, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, Encounters at the End of the World, An Unreasonable Man, The King of Kong, When We Were Kings, A Walk to Beautiful, More than a Game, Murder on a Sunday Morning, all of which are worth watching, of course provided the topic interests you. The King of Kong is a documentary about breaking the world record in Donkey Kong, so, although I loved it, I could see where others would question spending 90 minutes watching someone control an animated sprite jumping over flaming barrels. Good stuff.

Some blogs that I like to follow: Orca Watcher (Nature in the NW), Linus' Blog (Creator of Linux), The Molly (From Buzz Out Loud), Robert Love (UF grad specializing in Linux-related technology). Also, Joel on Software is worth checking out for software engineers and David Thorne has another hilarious email exchange over Missy.
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