Wednesday February 01st, 2006
Hit 'em in the eye
Sook, Jill, Don, and I went and saw the Panthers shutout the New Jersey Devils 4-0. It was amazing the number of power plays against the Panthers and we still had a shutout. This guy about three rows in front of us kept yelling "hit 'em in the eye" the entire game. It was cracking us up!

We celebrated Leslie's birthday this weekend. She threw a huge party at her house after having a girls-night-out the day before. Seemed like there must have been over 50 people who showed up. Sweet party Leslie! The sofla-highkey group doesn't stop: there's a superbowl party this weekend and six on the road comes to Lauderdale the following weekend.

This week has been extremely hectic at work. After working Sunday and 14 hours yesterday and today, I've put in 33 hours this week and it's only Tuesday. Thankfully these crunch times at work only happen a few times per year. The IMP and DAPI (part of MRSF) are working, so the first dispatch call on Racer is complete barring audio. All dispatch tones are working and voice audio is almost complete; just some problems with routing BP audio via the AUX PCM. With the engineers in India, we're working this problem 24 hours a day. They've done a good job getting the DL Audio SP up and running quickly. Am I boring you yet? All, I can say is that Racer is going to be one sweet phone!
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Thursday February 02nd, 2006

Leslie says:

Thanks Wade! Glad you could make it, hope you had a blast!

Friday February 03rd, 2006

Nicki says:

Thanks for having a b-day leslie! You're a super Merengue partner, Wade!

Saturday February 04th, 2006

Byron says:

Yes, Wade, you are boring me. At least you had last night to unwind after a tough week. Good luck at the 5K today - hit 'em in the eye!

Saturday February 11th, 2006

Kev says:

The birthday party was a lot of fun.

Saturday February 18th, 2006

Wade says:

Thanks for the comments everyone! Byron, your good luck comment seemed to have worked!