Monday June 29th, 2009
The site has been updated from the old HTML tables-within-tables layout to an XHTML and CSS standards-compliant website. Although not much has changed appearance-wise, under the hood it is completely different. Nobody uses the old style of website design as it is inferior on many levels, so it was something I've been wanting to learn and implement for a long time now- I just finally got around to it. Internet Explorer has been the dominant web browser for a long time and as such they did not feel the need to comply with web standards, although IE8 is supposed to be standards compliant. The CSS books are chock-full of exceptions and hacks to accommodate Internet Explorer. All the other browsers, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Konquerer, are all standards compliant. Thus, I decided not to implement the IE hacks and request that all viewers of this website use IE8 or one of the other browsers. This requirement is mostly a pet peeve of mine, in that I don't like Internet Explorer. Don't use it! =)

The radio stations have been playing Thriller, Billie Jean, and Beat It all weekend. I've been listening to Capital FM at home and at work since ARM doesn't allow any personal files to be stored on work computers - it's either streaming or an iPod. Oddly, I never knew MJ sang Smooth Criminal, I always associated it with Alien Antfarm. 80's pop culture isn't really my strong point. Farah Fawcett and Ed McMahon also died this week. I had to look up Farah Fawcett on Wikipedia. What a tragic story. Anyway, I guess Michael's life was quite tragic also. Ever since that Martin Bashir interview I just thought of him as a mental case. But I'll do my best to forget about that and just remember how talented he was. This weekend's playbacks of all his songs reminded me of that.
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Sunday July 05th, 2009

Ali Karrels says:

Site looks good Wade

Tuesday July 07th, 2009

Wade says:

Thanks. There are still issues with Internet Explorer that I'm working on. Stupid IE.

Thursday September 17th, 2009

Byron says:

Nice! But did't you get the memo? Time to move up to HTML5. XHTML is old hat :)


Monday January 11th, 2010

Wade says:

Yup, I guess that's part of the thrill of web programming. Transitioning from XHTML to HTML5 will be a cinch compared to the changes just made.