Wednesday June 24th, 2009
The Ducks In The Bathroom Are Not Mine (27b/6)
First off, Opera announced Opera Unite last week which basically adds web service capabilities into their browser allowing a user to share documents, pictures, and music on your computer simply by selecting which folder to share. This is great for sharing a lot of hi-res pictures with friends without having to compress the pics or use a website like megaupload. Also, since it's a web server, you can host your own website instead of going through godaddy or other service provider. Of course, as it is a web server, when your computer is off or not connected to the internet, nobody can access your files/webpage. However, it's pretty sweet. Opera isn't a well known browser, but I hope it takes off.

A couple of Google competitors debuted websites. Wolfram|Alpha showed off their new search engine they are calling an "answer engine". Their video presentation is very impressive, however, I was a bit disappointed when I actually started using the site. The media hyped it as a competitor to Google but really it is a niche market and not a competitor at all. Nonetheless, it's worth checking out. On the other hand, Bing, a "decision engine", is more of a direct competitor to Google. Unlike Wolfram|Alpha, I was impressed with Bing. A funny story, during development, Microsoft was contemplating putting the Microsoft logo on the site and through surveys and trials found that it was a deterrent on user's first impressions when opening the site. As such, only the name "Microsoft" and not the logo appear on the site. The image and video previews on Bing are great, along with the textual description preview of the site which is available without actually going to the site. I really like their homepage image- it maintains the 'simple' philosophy that Google has, yet with a little more up-to-date feel. Like Wolfram|Alpha, and most new websites/features, Bing has a video presentation as well. It actually has more than one.

Regarding the qualifiers for the World Cup 2010 in South Africa, Costa Rica is ranked #1 in the North American group, followed by USA and Honduras. Mexico, whom many thought would be ranked #1 is hanging in at #4 and Trinidad and Tobago is in last place at #6. The top three are guaranteed to go to South Africa; the fourth place team must defeat the fifth placed team from South America to make it to South Africa. Thus, with 5 more games to go for each team, anybody can make it, even Trinidad. I'm rooting for the USA and Costa Rica and Trinidad! The next games are not until August.

Finally, for reading amusement, I bring you 27b/6. I enjoyed the Pets in the Building email conversation along with the Overdue Account exchange. On a more serious note, this article on health care is worth a read. Hope this provides some good reading material for at-desk lunches.
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Wednesday June 24th, 2009

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