Sunday May 03rd, 2009
Ninety-Four Years Old
Sad news hit the family last Friday (Apr 24) when my Grandpa passed away. Last time I saw him was in 2004 when our family took a trip up to the NE. My Grandpa was born in 1914 and died at the age of 94, which is amazing! He was in good health all the way to the end and he died within a couple of days. I have a few odd memories of him. When we saw him last, Carrie's kids were with us, and I distinctly remember him cursing just about every other sentence. It took us aback at first, as we just aren't used to it, especially from somebody my Grandpa's age, but he was not trying to be offensive and it simply just flowed out like any other word; to him it was just part of talking. It made the conversation rather entertaining in a way. I remember that he liked burnt cookies and ordering liver at restaurants. Also, when we asked about our Mom's childhood he seemed resistant to talk about it for some reason. Perhaps it was just my imagination. From what I knew about him, he was definitely a character and had some great stories growing up during the Depression and being a WWII veteran. However, since we always lived so far away from him, I never really knew my Grandpa well, but I am saddened by his passing.
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Thursday May 07th, 2009

David Thereault says:

I've been looking for my mother and Grandpa for 33yrs. I got married in 1996. I told my wife a story of my childhood. She took the time on the internet looking for my mother. She find five name that matched Grandpa Bill. So one day after work I started calling the numbers. The first number I called was his. I asked him if he has a daughter named Ellen. Then Bill asked me who I was. I told him my name and he know right away who I was. That when Bill told me that my mother had passed away three years ago. I told him that I've been looking for her all my life. The district attorney found her address for me when I was around 11 years old I wrote her a letter when she lived in England. She wrote back and sent one picture of her new family. I never heard from her again.I didnt know Grandpa Bill that well. I've been calling him for the last 8 yrs. The news of my mother just about broke me. My mother left when I was 6 week old.He was the only connection I had to her. I would like to meet you all someday soon. I know that you have talked to Chris and that it seemed to end on bad terms, but I hope you wont hold that against me. Please feel free to contact me if you are ok with this. you can get the contact info from uncle Richard or my wife facebook. David

Thursday May 07th, 2009

Wade says:

Actually, I have never talked with Chris, so I hold nothing against him nor you. It was good talking with you tonight.

Monday May 11th, 2009

Rohit says:

Sorry to hear about your grandfather. It's a strange coincidence that my grandpa also passed away last week. He was 89 years old.