Wednesday January 25th, 2006
Grizzly Men, Irish Bands, and Lebanese Lasagna
I watched the weirdest movie: Grizzly Man. It's basically about an emotionally confused guy named Timothy Treadwell who finds solace with wild grizzly bears thinking he is their only protector and that the bears need him to survive. He spends 13 summers in Alaska, gets to know the bears, probably knows a lot about the bears, but never seems to truly understand the bears. And then he gets eaten by a grizzly. If you're looking for a different movie, I'd definitely recommend it. Sook, on the other hand, didn't like it and said it's just about a stupid guy who gets what he deserves. She's basically right but for some reason I found it entertaining.

Nicki, Andy, Melanie, Rachael, and I went and saw Six on the Road at OShea's Irish Pub in West Palm this past weekend. I know Kevin Wells (drums, bodhran, vocals) from ... well, actually I don't remember. He turns out to be one of those people you end up meeting to find out you have about five mutual friends. But I guess that's common at Motorola. Donning a "29" shirt, Andy also came to WPB and the Irish band sang him a happy 29th birthday song. Along with Alice, Tell Me Ma, and several other Irish classics, Six on the Road did a stellar job. They'll be in Fort Lauderdale at Sally O'Brien's Irish Pub on February 11th.

Charbel is buying a 1999 bimmer and we can't wait to drive it around town! Mama cooked some excellent cinnamon lasagna and lebanese-style chicken while she was here. We sure are going to miss that cooking and how it made our stomachs feel afterwards.

Disney released photos taken during the race. There are some pretty good ones so be sure to check them out.
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Friday January 27th, 2006

Andy says:

What's this I hear about a Lake Party featuring OMTZ at Sam, Wade, and Byron's place on March 25th? ;)

Friday January 27th, 2006

Wade says:

I did ask Sam about the party but, unfortunately, the home owners association won't allow it. However, we'll see if we can somehow get around the rules. It's definitely time again to have another OMTZ house party!

Monday January 30th, 2006

Kev says:

Thanks for coming out! It was a blast to have you guys there. I think I remember having to call you about something work-related when I hardly knew who you were and saying "yeah, I think we both know this girl Nicki (and a lot of other people it turns out!)."

Tuesday January 31st, 2006

Leslie says:

Any excuse to party sounds good to me...

Friday February 03rd, 2006

Nicki says:

We all hang out together so much, it will soon be six degrees of separation between everyone we know and the people they know. No more Kevin Bacon! It will be kevin wells, perhaps...I'm such a cheese. Anyway...