Tuesday March 31st, 2009
I Love Links ... and sundry topics
First off, congratulations to Damian and Becky for introducing David Robert Gonzalez into this world. He was born March 21 at 9pds 12oz! Everyone is doing well and they are very happy to be new parents. Check out Dad's video of Elliott at 8 months and younger. The first half of the video is Elliott at one month; the second half is Elliott at 8 months. A new video was posted on this site of Natalie and Lauren during Christmas. Check it out. Back in February, Carrie and I ran the CACCC Valentine's Day 5k in New Braunfels. It was a chilly morning, great for running, and both Carrie and I posted personal records. Candee is getting into running too: she ran a 10k recently and signed up for another 10k, so every time the family meets we'll have to plan a running race. Yay!

To continue with my link madness, I've been addicted to CNET's Buzz Out Loud podcast where Tom, Natali, and Jason talk about the latest technology news, such as Google's launch of Google Ventures. Google is giving people new hobbies: check out Noell's backyard in Ozona, Florida, which he did specifically for Google Maps. Speaking of, it's so cloudy around here, Google Maps wasn't able to get a good shot of where I live. During my recent purchase of plane tickets, I was getting frustrated that last-minute tickets from TX to FL were outrageously expensive, until I found some for under $100 from Spirit Airlines. I love Spirit! I love lamp. Yes, that was a bit of a non sequitur.

I'm trying to figure out whether to wait for the Palm Pre or to go ahead and buy the iPhone. Hmmm...decisions. The problem is that the Palm Pre is supposed to come out the first half of 2009. It could be as late as the end of June, or it could be delayed. I don't know if I can wait that long with my LG Flare that resets whenever I plug in the charger. Apple is also being attacked by Microsoft with some clever ads against Apple's "cool" factor.

Lastly, when I was buying my Ford, there was a $3000 rebate. While filling out the paperwork, I had two options for handling the rebate. Deducting the $3k from the amount of my car so I would have to pay less, which is what I chose. The other option was to pay the full amount and then receive a rebate check in the mail from Ford's corporate headquarters, just how traditional rebates work. I was thinking to myself why on earth somebody would want to do this, but it turns out people want the money now and pay it later. Duh! And actually, the finance person I was dealing with said that people who are in desperate need of cash, purchase and finance a car with the highest rebate amount just to get the money. Holy crap! I can't imagine.
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Wednesday April 01st, 2009

Wade says:

Another cool story, and link, is the attack on cable/satellite television by streaming video from the internet. Case in point: Roku. With a $9 per month subscription for unlimited streaming content, it's a LOT cheaper than the alternatives.