Wednesday August 20th, 2008
It´s not so exciting, but I thought I´d add an English translation:

Before arriving in Costa Rica, I studied spanish only from books. Speaking Spanish is a lot different from reading Spanish, so my first day in class I couldn´t even answer basic questions. However, I learned a lot in my first week, and I could hold a very basic conversation by the end of the week. After learning demonstrative, possessive, and comparative adjectives, I learned the past tense. With eleven groups of irregular verbs, Ricardo, Johnathon, and I studied the past tense for one week. We wrote practice sentences such as "at the shop, Ricardo asked for tampons (tampones) but meant to ask for ear plugs (tapones)" and "when I saw the robber, I pulled out my pistol." After the past tense, Marianella taught us the present progressive and perfect tenses, for example: "I am writing spanish; the door is closed." More topics include: reflexive verbs, the imperative, subjunctive, and imperfect tenses. To understand when to use the imperfect as opposed to the past tense was a topic very difficult for Ricardo and I. For example, one uses the imperfect to express age in the past (She was 20 years old when she married Carlos). There are ten rules for when to use the imperfect. Ricardo was very frustrated with this topic. After, we learned indirect and direct objects, reciprocal verbs, and the future and conditional tenses. The conditional is a tense which contains uncertainty, doubt, and wishes (How old was your grandmother when she died? I think she was around 60 years old). Two weeks ago, we concentrated on only talking and no new topics were introduced. I don´t know if these sentences are written correctly, but it is better for me to write in Spanish. Have a good day! Bye.
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Wednesday August 20th, 2008

Leslie says:

That's our Wade...always the good student...