Saturday June 14th, 2008
Visiting the Arants
Dad opted to fly back to Austin instead of drive (thankfully!). Thus, Herschel is driving us both to the airport early tomorrow morning. I'm finally heading to Costa Rica. After the SoBe Interational Triathlon, Dad and I drove up from Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta stopping in Gainesville for some dinner at Maui Teriyaki and some much needed sleep in Valdosta. We stayed in Locust Grove visiting Candee, Herschel, Lauren, and Elliott for a week. Candee's blessings continue as Elliott is another wonderfully happy baby; he cries only occasionally but otherwise seems content and happy with his world. He basically eats, sleeps, and poops. And don't think it's all dominated by eating and sleeping, he's potent for such a little fellow. He was kind enough to give me a little gift while sitting on my lap. When it happened, it was completely unexpected. It was nice and quiet in the room, no warning for innocent bystanders, and out of nowhere the loud eruption and rumbling that came from this 10-pounder made me jump right out of my seat. He seemed to think it was quite normal, and I could almost discern a look of concern and puzzlement on his face due to my reaction. Herschel found the whole incident rather humorous; I think Elliott did too. Elliott's potency was no match for the diaper. Despite the super-absorbent technology advertised on television, diapers still need improvement. I now have respect for the guy; maybe I'm even a little jealous. =)

Lauren is in the prime of her "terrible twos and threes" yet is a pleasure to be around. Overall, she's well-behaved and is such a sweet little kid. It's great now that she's talking and making complete sentences, and interesting listening to her learn the English language. One afternoon, as some thunder clouds rolled in and the tops of the trees started to sway, she said "it looks like it is going to wind".

She loves Barney, likes music class and Pump It Up, enjoys chicken but not so fond of Grandpa's cooking, and loves her little brother. Thanks so much to Candee and Herschel for the hospitality and I can't wait to see everyone again for Christmas. A video of the kids was posted and pics will be added soon. Since we're waking up at 5am, I'm signing off now. I'll write again from San Joaquin.
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