Saturday December 31st, 2005
Diving on Christmas Eve
The advantages of living in Florida! Arnie, Rudy, John, and I went scuba diving on Christmas Eve. There were lots of nice-sized spiny lobster and tons of the usual Florida fish: White Grunts (Haemulon plumieri), Spotfin Butterflyfish (Chaetodon ocellatus), Rock Beauty (Holacanthus tricolor), and the triangular Smooth Trunkfish (Lactophrys triqueter). Rudy, who now works for XM Satellite, bought his boat (Reef Or Madness) when he cashed in his Motorola stock purchase plan. What does XM stand for? Ex-Motorolans. Haha. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures on our trip.

But, new pictures were added for the VRIS XMas Party. This year, the VRIS Christmas Party was held at the Roundup country western bar. Nothing like a bunch of engineers two-stepping and line dancing! In addition, a bunch of Miscellaneous Pictures from 2005 were added. There are some good ones in here so check it out!

Best of luck to all in 2006. Have a wonderful New Year. See everyone in Orlando for the Marathon on January 7th. And hopefully we won't have as many hurricanes in 2006...
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